Landscaping in Boca Raton

Landscaping in Boca Raton is as unique as the name of the town. South Florida has native vegetation, trees and plants that give it a flavor that can be found nowhere else. The sub-tropical climate creates an environment that requires care and an investment of time to maintain a beautiful native Florida landscape. Adding flavor to a property lies within blending the natural elements with the design and style that makes landscaping in Boca Raton so unique. Simple rules of landscaping in Boca Raton Learn, know and understand the property-There are going to be certain areas where certain plants will thrive better than other areas. There are also certain measures that can be taken to reduce the use of water, while making the yard look beautiful. Certain plants will need s fair amount of shade during the day, or they will perish. Consider artificial or rock alternatives-There are many options on the market for artificial grass and also artificial rocks, as well as real rocks. This can reduce the water bill, reduce the time investment and create scenery that will last for a long time, well after plant life would die away. It may also reduce the cost with irrigation and/or sprinkler systems. Water is a major factor in landscaping, affecting cost with trees, grass and plants. The percentage is roughly around 50% for the amount of water needed to sustain the life in a yard. That is why choosing the right plants and trees for Boca Raton landscaping is so important. Because of the climate, the amount of water will be drastically higher than in most states. Therefore, certain tips can create a healthier yard with all landscape life. 1.Do not overwater grass. This will create shallow roots, which will make the grass susceptible to pests and drought. Rain gauges or a moisture sensor will work well to avoid this condition. 2.Plant life and flowers add color to a lawn, but there are ways to save when it comes to watering. Micro-irrigation systems are very cost effective and can save an abundance of water. 3.Set a timer to water certain areas of the lawn in intervals and also at ideal times of the day for water retention. Also, adjust the settings in accordance to weather conditions, so that the lawn or plants are not overwatered. Mulch can be a beneficial factor to the landscaping of any property. It is an inexpensive way to offer beauty to landscape and serve other purposes as well. Mulch can provide moisture to reduce the amount of water necessary for the plants. Mulch inhibits the growth of weeds, making it less of a problem of using pesticides. The climate for south Florida landscaping is unique in itself as compared to the rest of the United States. The subtropical climate creates situations with plants, trees and grass that will only be familiar with that particular area. These suggestions are specifically created for landscaping in Boca Raton. These tips will go a long way in planning a healthier, cost-effective and beautifully landscaped property.

Condominium Conversions, Myths And Reality

Let us examine, what the prospects of condominium conversions in the coming years are and how recent trends affect its popularity.

The Popularity
The reason why most people prefer owning a condominium rather than paying rent every month is that they can save a lot of money in real estate investing. All they have to do is to make an affordable initial investment and they can get rid of paying monthly rents. The overall prices are very low. However, Condo units do not allow the buyer to maintain his/her own lawn and garden, and other amenities like pools. But, the overall percentage of such people is very low, and there is a huge number of buyers in the real estate investing market who do not mind the presence of neighbors, and in fact, who love the active participation in community events.

Now, let me talk from the point of view of investors. Real estate investors have got an inexpensive but much more effective way of increasing their bank balance in the form of condominium conversion. True, they do have to pay a premium for the real estate investing properties. Still, the overall cost of purchasing an apartment and turning them into Condos by renovation is far less expensive. Therefore, it is worth paying a premium for properties. Again, the buyers are available in the market and you can convince them easily to buy the same. Eventually, you get a huge return that not only covers your expenditure for the premium but earns you more than you could have earned by means of other real estate businesses.

The Prospects
Recent trends are leading the real estate investing market to a rising-rate environment. It looks like very soon buyers will not be able to get mortgage at low interest rates. Affordability of the price was the biggest advantage with condominium units, but if the price becomes unreachable, how will the converters sell their Condos? Thus, not only will the buyers lose a great opportunity of owning their own house, but even the converts will face a big loss. Since the renovation of the real estate investing property costs much, in such cases, they might also have to bear losses. Eventually, this may force them to stop turning apartments into Condos, and investing in the renovation of the same. It clearly means the end of the Condos conversion boom.

However, all this is not very practical. You should not take it as representing a threat to the Condo conversion business. Even if mortgage rates increase, it will not stop real estate investing buyers to purchase Condos. After all, who wants to pay rent all their life? People want their own houses, and whatever be the circumstances, Condos will still be the most affordable option for them in the contemporary market. In fact, if you look around, converters are highly excited with the heavy returns they have earned from the condominium conversion, and they are in no mood to quit. Moreover, in all the major cities all over the world, it is now almost impossible to find any location for new development, let alone a prime location.

Therefore, the future of condominium conversion is bright, and any rising-rate real estate investing market is not likely to affect the popularity of Condos.

Investment Property Vultures Comments On The Influx Of Chinese Property Investors In The U.s.

The Viceroy, a swanky condominium complex in downtown Miami, gives the impression that the United States is in another real estate boom. The sales office is strangely exuberant. Buyers gush about the glam condos designed by hipster tastemaker Kelly Wearstler and their hotel-like amenities: poolside libations, daily housekeeping and room service food stirred up by a celebrity chef.

Since January, 262 of the Viceroy’s 372 units have sold. But there’s a twist: Almost 90 percent of the buyers are foreigners. And they all paid cash.

The Viceroy’s story is playing out across Miami. Individual investors from as far as China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are signing purchase agreements left and right to get in on what they see as one of the greatest real estate fire sales in the history of the United States.

At one time, these people would have invested in the U.S. stock market. Now they see the opportunity of a lifetime in the nation’s debilitated housing market. The idea is to rent out the properties and then sell them once the economy turns around.

The math is seductive: Prices at the Viceroy are roughly 52 percent off the 2007 peak. Units once sold for as much $670 a square foot. Today the average price is $319.

“I have never seen such a high concentration of foreign nationals acquiring real estate,” says a representative of Investment Property Vultures. “Eighty percent of the sales in downtown Miami are foreign-based. This is unprecedented.”

One of the experts in the business who specializes in bringing exactly these illusive property deals to the Chinese buyers is Investment Property Vultures. Mainly they offer foreclosures and distressed properties but also, government owned properties. Investors anywhere in Asia including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore can contact them via their website or email them at .

Miami is hardly the only hot spot for buyers from outside the United States. Real estate brokers say they’ve seen a surge in Orlando,Washington, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Seattle, Asians are buying property sight unseen.

For foreigners with cash, the deals can make them money from day one. David Chuong buys two-bedroom condos for less than $40,000 in low-crime areas. He only picks up units that already have renters. After paying association fees and taxes, he walks away with $300 a month, pre-tax, on each. The deals are now easy to do, thanks to the cottage industry of companies that has grown up to manage virtually everything for foreign buyers, down to badgering renters for the monthly check.

For the international investor class, the United States’ bloated inventory of homes, high unemployment and weak currency make for an unusually attractive buyer’s market.
“Never before have all these things come together like this,” says a representative of Investment Property Vultures, a company which helps Chinese invest in international real estate. Chinese buying in places like Florida is on track to double this year.

“Unless you want to go to Baghdad,” Investment Property Vultures says, “the United States is the best you can get.”

The trend is showing up in the statistics. In a National Association of Realtors report 28 percent of brokers reported they had worked with at least one international client, up from 23 percent a year earlier. Among those, 18 percent had completed at least one sale, compared with 12 percent in the 2010 report.

“I was going to invest in the stock market, but I decided to invest in real estate instead,” says John Woo, a Chinese native on assignment in Miami with Pfizer Inc., where he is a regional finance director. Woo paid $100,000 for a one-bedroom in a gleaming new high-rise that he plans to live in for now. “I’m a conservative guy,” Woo says, “and this was more conservative.”

In past downturns, buying a property in the U.S. was the prestigious purview of the wealthy, but today the market is within reach of the swelling ranks of the global upper-middle class.

“Their jaws drop. They can’t believe it,” Investment Property Vultures says. “They think these deals are too good to be true.”

Condominium’s popularity in the Philippines

Condominiums are some of the most popular types of modern housings in the Philippines. One reason why condominiums had gained a lot of popularity in the country is because of its location, in which these types of housings are normally found in business and commercial districts, such as in Makati City.

The Benefit of its Location Condominiums were first established as a type of housing in the Philippine that can offer residents the luxury of living in a home within walking distance from their workplaces. This is because these types of modern housings are normally found near or within popular business and commercial districts in the Philippines.

Because of this benefit, condominiums quickly became a very popular type of housing in the Philippines, particularly among many company and corporate executives, businessmen and women, high-wage earners, as well as wealthy families.

However, other than condominiums, apartment buildings and townhouses are also found in business and commercial districts, and compared to condominiums; apartment units are usually more affordable while townhouse units are larger and offer more privacy in terms of community. So what are the reasons why condo in Philippines had gained a lot of popularity in the market?

Luxurious Amenities In addition to the luxury of its accessibility to business and commercial districts, there are also other reasons why condominiums had gained a lot of popularity in the Philippine market. One such reason is because of its collection of amenities, such as maintainability and security, as well as its collection of facilities.

According to many real estate experts, condominiums are the only types of housings in business and commercial districts that can offer facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and sports complexes. Because of these benefits, condominiums quickly became a very popular type of housing for many modern Filipinos, which will allow them to live life more comfortable compared to living in an apartment unit or even in a townhouse.

New Payment Terms Another reason why condo Philippines had gained more popularity in the market is because of its new term of payment which will enable many Filipinos the chance to own a condominium unit. This is because these new condominiums can now be owned and paid installment, making these new condominiums even more affordable compared to apartment units.

Why Hire Bookkeeping Services

Many businesses want to hire bookkeepers to perform regular tasks. Budgets are stretched for some businesses and they are unable to hire full time workers for certain positions. These are businesses without accountants or bookkeepers. Fortunately, there are companies that offer these services.

The price ranges for these services vary. This is one of the important considerations for businesses to pay. Most often it is cheaper to hire for these services than to take on another permanent employee. This draws many businesses to these types of services. The economic benefits of this work will help you to save money.

You have more options with a bookkeeping company. These companies provide customers with a selection of services. Many of the work provided is specific to the type of business that you do. It doesnt matter, whether you have a clothing store or a medical supply store. You can benefit from these services. They offer you a hassle-free way to conduct business. The time and money that you save can be reapplied to your business.

Cities around the country have a range of bookkeeping services. These companies perform a list of critical services. AWS Bookkeeping is an example of the companies in this category. Depending on the size of your businesses, your needs may be specific. It is important to consider which services are paramount to your business. Here are some of the typical services

Prepare business taxes

Throughout the year it is important to keep track of business taxes. Businesses often hire accountants to perform these tasks. It is possible find a more economic method of tracking business taxes. Bookkeeping services include tax maintenance and preparation. The most qualified companies also offer these services. Instead of hiring an accountant one time per year, bookkeepers are convenient. They will be more familiar with your tax scenario.

Employee payrolls

The payroll responsibilities of a business can require a lot of time. Studies have shown that business spend a significant amount of their time each week just preparing paperwork. There are individual components that factor into payroll. Having experienced workers prepare payroll work can save a lot of time. The amount of employees that you have will factor into this work. Small businesses may not find bookkeepers worth the cost. Larger businesses will quickly realize how beneficial these companies are to your productivity.

Homeowners association needs

Communities around the country have homeowners associations. There are many different financial responsibilities that factor into this work. Large communities are sometimes able to hire accountants for this work. Small and medium subdivisions look for more economic ways to get these tasks done. Bookkeepers are great alternatives in this category.

Large bookkeeping companies provide customers with many choice selections. It is possible to select more than one of these services and still save money. This is a benefit to your bottom line over time. You can hire these professionals on a weekly, monthly, or a yearly basis. Here is another way that your budget is considered.

Soundproofing Apartment And Condominium Complexes

With the cost of living rising, many potential homeowners are seriously considering condos and apartments as an investment for their future. I have personally lived in a condo for over 10 years. Condo and apartment living can be very rewarding and can make you feel very secure, but these units can also become a nightmare especially if you live in a lower unit and are forced to tolerate the noisy walking from the neighbors above. When contractors build these units, soundproofing is probably not their top priority, but it should be. There is nothing worse than to spend your life savings on a home only to find out that you are unable to sleep due to the constant walking noise from the people above. I have had customers tell me that they feel as though their upstairs neighbors are right in their bedrooms as they hear the intense thumping and impact from the floors above.

Many times condo and apartment owners take it upon themselves to put in a wood or tile floor in an upper unit and fail to put down the proper soundproofing beneath their new floors. This has been the focus of many lawsuits between neighbors and makes condo life an absolute horror for the people living in lower units. Before installing any new flooring in a condo or apartment, check with your condo association and find out what the guidelines in the CC& Rs are for the installation of such a floor.

Contractors need to contact a soundproofing professional during the planning stages of any multi family dwelling. A soundproofing expert can suggest products that will dramatically reduce the impact as well as airborne noise from upper units. Adding these materials during the construction phase protects both the contractor and the potential buyers of these units. Products such as recycled rubber tiles can reduce impact noise transmission by up to 75. The addition of the proper soundproof floor underlayment can make all the difference in the world to a person living in a lower unit. The additional expense for these material is money well spent and can save the contractor many headaches and many lawsuits down the line.

Soundproofing companies such as Soundproofing America, Inc, Soundaway Corporation and Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. can provide contractors with effective soundproofing solutions for any multi family application.

Finally, before purchasing a condo or apartment, check out the floor construction and make sure that a soundproof floor underlay has been installed under any hard surface floor that has been installed in the unit above you. This can save you a lot of time and expense and will keep you from making a bad mistake that can take you literally years to rectify. Thanks for reading. This is Dr. BobOut!!

Sunset Beach – Longboat Key Condominium On The Beach

Situated on the south end of Longboat Key, the beachfront condos of Sunset Beach offer sweeping views up Longboat Key all the way to Lido Key. In addition to the amazing views, residents of Sunset Beach at Longboat Key enjoy living in a community that is relatively low-density that features a number of very alluring amenities.

With only 65 units found in three buildings, residents of Sunset Beach enjoy the peace of mind of living in a gated community featuring covered parking. Other amenities enjoyed by residents of Sunset Beach at Longboat Key include a heated swimming pool, a spa/hut tub, elevators and access to the beach.

With a minimum lease requirement of two months, those who are interested in temporary vacation housing or temporary housing for any other reason may set their sights upon Sunset Beach at Longboat Key. For those who wish to stay longer, on the other hand, Sunset Beach also offers leases for up to three years. As such, there is certain to be a leasing option available to suit just about anyone’s needs – from vacationers to those who want to remain in the area for years, Sunset Beach is an excellent option to consider.

In addition to the many amenities offers to residents and the flexible leasing options, the convenient location of Sunset Beach at Longboat Key is another reason so many are interested in calling this complex home. While everything is located relatively nearby on this 11-mile-long island, Sarasota and St. Armands Circle are also located just a few minutes away. Here, residents can take advantage of a wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities. Of course, due to the fact that Longboat Key is surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, residents of Sunset Beach also have ample opportunities to enjoy a variety of different water sports and other activities. Some popular water-based activities available throughout Longboat Key include boating, sailing, fishing, water skiing, fishing, snorkeling and more.

With so many recreational opportunities available throughout Longboat Key, there is a seemingly endless variety of ways for residents of Sunset Beach to pass their time. Thanks to the magnificent views and excellent onsite amenities available to residents of Sunset Beach, on the other hand, residents don’t have to go far to have some fun or to simply relax as they take in the amazing views.

Why Need A Buyer Agent In Singapore

Why engage buyer agent in Singapore?
“Many agents who show you homes don’t represent your interests. They work for the seller, and their object is to sell the house for the highest possible price.”
Buying a home can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences one will ever have. In Singapore, you have a wide choice of homes to choose from. You can buy a public housing unit developed by the Housing & Development Board (HDB), an Executive Condominium unit, or a private residential property.

Regardless of your choice of a home, the entire process may seem overwhelming whether you are buying for the first time or have had some prior experiences.
One of the most common complaints about property agent is, “They showed me the properties they wanted me to see, not the ones I wanted to see”. This problem comes about when the listing agent has the opportunity of receiving twice the commission if they can “sell” you one property (the property they list) over another. Assume you are a property agent and are showing two $500,000 properties, one you listed and one you didn’t. If you sell the one you listed, you get a $30,000 commission (both the Seller and Buyer side commission) and if you sell the other, you get a $15,000 commission (only the Buyer side). Which one would you want to sell? Exactly. But that property might not be the best property for the buyer, therefore it is a conflict of interest. We always show you the properties that are best for you without the pressure of gaining additional commission.

Unbiased look at the entire market, including For-sale-by-owners. The real estate companies in Singapore, by the nature of their operations, have significant financial incentives to show and sell their own listings. In fact, if an agent sells his or her own listing to you the commission would be twice what it would be to sell another persons listing. This does nothing but limit your choices. The Buyers Agent receives the same commission fee regardless of which property we help you purchase. You can be sure that you will view the homes that are the best matches to your criteria, not just the ones that make us more money.
Also, since most listing agents see FSBO properties as competition they will not be as eager to make those properties available to you. The Buyers Agent helps people buy FSBO properties all the time. We just view it as more possible properties for our clients.

An Introduction To Mortgage Insurance

Not all people can come up with a substantial down payment on a property. If the lender thinks that your down payment is too small and the has to finance more than 80% of the purchase price, you may be approved for a high-ratio mortgage. Theres one requirement before getting approved for a high-ratio mortgage: it must be insured.

Mortgage insurance therefore works for both lender and borrower. Should you become ill or lose your job, your insurance automatically pays off your mortgage. The lender knows that should anything happen to you, their loan will be paid by the insurance company. The fees are over and above your mortgage payments.

Most banks and credit unions in fact finance up to 80% of a mortgage, but charge a high-ratio insurance fee on the total mortgage amount. In Canada, mortgage insurance is available through Genworth, the CMHC, and more recently, Canada Guaranty, although the insurance can be processed at the bank or lenders office.

The premiums you pay for the insurance hinges on the whole concept of risk. The higher the loan or debt, the higher the risk, and therefore the higher the insurance premium. Most lenders will include the premium with the monthly or weekly payments. Or, you might pay the lump sum of the premiums when you finalize the mortgage transaction. Premiums can range anywhere between 0.5% and 3% of the total mortgage amount, depending on how much risk the lender is exposed to.

Mortgage insurance is available to borrowers who purchase property, whether it be a single family home, a condominium, a duplex or triplex, or even a commercial building.

Life Insurance Versus Mortgage Insurance

You may want to consider purchasing life insurance instead. With a mortgage insurance policy, the lender is the beneficiary. With life insurance, you get to select your beneficiary.

With mortgage insurance, the insurance amount decreases with the mortgage, and you run the risk of not receiving adequate protection after a certain number of years. Not only that, your insurance amount decreases but you pay the same premiums. With life insurance, your coverage and premiums remain the same.

If you change lender, you cannot transfer your mortgage insurance to the new lender.

When deciding between mortgage insurance and life insurance, people are tempted to go with mortgage insurance because the premiums are lower, but this may be an disadvantage when the time to claim protection comes.

As for the underwriting principle: the underwriting for a mortgage insurance policy, when purchased from a bank, is done on a post claim basis. This means that the insurance is not underwritten until a claim is made. Think of the implications. The insurance company can decide that youre not eligible for a payout even if you have been paying premiums consistently.

In a life insurance policy, a licensed insurance broker will examine your medical history before a policy is issued. Once the policy is issued, you start paying premiums. This way, you will know whether or not you have been approved for life insurance.

Mortgage insurance is a standard, one size fits all. Everyone is considered equal risk. The premiums are calculated according to your age and the size of your mortgage. No discounts are offered to women or non-smokers. The premium payments do not decrease as the mortgage is paid off.

In a life insurance policy, your premiums are determined on your personal situation. The premium amount depends on your health and health exam. Unlike mortgage insurance, women and non-smokers receive a discount.

As for the payout itself, the policy will only pay the balance outstanding of the mortgage. If your mortgage was originally 100,000 but have paid off $70,000 by the time you make a claim, the payout will only be $30,000. With life insurance, if you purchased coverage for $100,000, your beneficiary gets the full $100,000.

And finally, mortgage insurance will pay your lender. You have no say in this matter. With life insurance, you have the right to select who your beneficiary will be.

There are advantages for having your own term insurance. One principal advantage is its portability. This means that even if your mortgage is paid off, you still have the life insurance. But should you become ineligible for life insurance because of a health exam, you may still qualify for mortgage insurance without a medical exam, although youre strongly encouraged to speak to your lawyer about this.

Buying Off Plan Real Estate In Thailand Condominium Acquisition And Escrow

Off plan condominium purchase in Thailand means buying a condo in a planning stage or a condominium not yet fully constructed. The standard payment schedule found in an off-the-plan sale and purchase agreement of a condominium in Thailand is:

1. a reservation agreement with a reservation fee of 100,000 baht (approx 3300 USD)
2. a deposit of 10 to 20% of the purchase price on the execution of the condominium sale and purchase agreement
3. periodical installments during the construction of the condominium with a final installment of 1/12th to 1/20th of the purchase price upon transfer of ownership of the condominium.

Who to pay to?

Paying in escrow for a condo in Thailand means that payments are made to an Escrow Act licensed third party financial institution or bank that will hold the deposited monies till the conditions of the condominium sale and purchase agreement have been met, depending on the contract. The use of escrow services in Thailand for property purchases is not common!!

Generally developers in Thailand DO NOT offer escrow payment arrangements. Property developers in Thailand are under the Escrow Act or new Condominium Act and Condo Act regulations NOT required to offer escrow agreements to consumers. Property developers in Thailand are free to require deposits and installments in agreements without offering any protection for the purchaser payments. There is no legal protection structure in place for realty buyers. This part simply depends on the agreed and accepted contract terms and conditions between the seller and purchaser. If the buyer pays directly into the developer’s account this is an accepted risk he as the purchaser takes.

In 99% of the property development projects in Thailand the purchaser makes the payments directly to the developers bank account. Obviously payment made directly to the developer, as opposed to payments made in escrow, carries some serious financial risks for buyers in case of default by the developer. They risk loosing all. In addition, pre-paying the development, the buyer looses all leverage in case of delay or poor workmanship. At the time of completion the buyer has paid up to 95% of the purchase price and the developer is in a much stronger position and can simply refuse transfer of ownership to the buyer.

The developers company

The standard payment schedule by which the purchase price is paid directly to the developers bank account during the construction or even before the start of a condominium project carries risks of losing your payments in case of default or bankruptcy of the developer.

An important part of this arrangement is the developers company. Is it a large SET listed (Thailand stock exchange) real estate developer or a limited liability company with a low share capital and a poor track record? Limited liability for the developer means limited liability and in case of default there is for the buyers little chance of getting any of the payments back.

The Condominium Act supposed to protect the interests of the buyers of condos in Thailand but does not require the establishment of escrow arrangements in an off-plan condominium development.

Paying directly to the developer in Thailand is taking a risk.